Should we be concerned about the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset? How does it line up with Bible prophecy?

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Jeff: The world is changing. We’re becoming more and more one. It’s shrinking, actually, Todd, and we’re going to talk about today what is this thing called globalism? And more importantly, what is this great reset that the whole world is now talking about? All right, Todd, globalism and the great reset here. This is a one of these buzz words that we’ve heard. We hear globalism in the church, we hear great reset in the world. We’re kind of getting this coming from both ends here. Is this something that we should be concerned about? Is this this new world order that people have been talking about for decades? Is it finally here?
First, let’s just kind of begin by defining some of our terms and then we’ll get into the scriptures and also into the world and find out what’s going on there. But how would you describe to someone what the great reset is, and also globalism?

Todd: I mean, globalism, both of those are terms that most of our listeners, well, our listeners might be familiar with, but most people in general are not really familiar with those, or they might just think it’s just the fact that countries are globally connected and that kind of thing.

Globalism is just that, that we live in a global economy, like what happens in America affects other countries and trade agreements and stocks and bonds and all that stuff rises and falls based on interconnection of countries now because of we’re able to fly everywhere and it really is easy to get to the other side of the world, so to speak, that there’s more and more interplay between countries. Then defining that even further to show contrast. You have nationalism versus globalism. Nationalism is, hey, we’re going to protect our country. We’re going to protect our assets. We’re going to protect our lifestyle, so to speak, and we’re going to kind of look at ourselves as a standalone entity, kind of like a company would like, I need to make sure that my company or my household is being run well and is protected and is thriving and that kind of thing versus no, we need to all work together and make sure everything’s completely connected globally and everything’s fair and all this kind of stuff.

Biblically speaking, God is a nationalist, so to speak. He set up the nations. He knows that sin is a real thing, that mankind has fallen and that we need checks and balances and if one country acts crazy like World War II, Germany, there’s enough other countries that’ll push against that.
But secular humanism has kind of come up with this idea that they don’t see us in nature. They think if we just have the perfect utopia that we’re all interconnected and working together, then the world will be as one. It’s kind of a godless view of utopia, but really what they don’t realize is that will bring the most horrific things on earth that we’ve ever seen.
Then the great reset is a specific event that the world economic forum has for this coming June. They’ve been talking about it since 2014. There’s some videos that I personally watched where he was saying we need a great reset and we’re just waiting for kind of a good crisis to happen where we can leverage it and push the reset button. Well, fast forward to 2020, and you have the coronavirus and however that got started and proliferated, they are using that as the excuse for this economic reset and we’ll unpack that as time goes on. But it is a real thing. It’s globalism and the one world government that they’re trying to push basically, is something that used to kind of be in the shadows, used to be considered conspiracy theory and only crazy Christians who believed Revelation thought there would be a world government or a push for it. But we’re seeing that out in the open, people literally calling for it and pushing for it like never before.

Jeff: Absolutely. This term great reset is something that is not in the Bible, but is something that is in the worlds in culture, as you mentioned, has been talked about for several years now, former leaders from Great Britain, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, have both said call for this. Very interesting with the things that they’ve said there, they said, “We also need one leader to lead us in this great reset,” which is obviously tipping the hand to the biblical description of the antichrist there.

But part of the restructuring of this great reset, I mean, think about what is a reset button when you’re a garbage disposal goes out, you just press that reset button, it starts up again. It’s all new again. That’s kind of what they’re talking about, Todd, is that they want to restructure society and economies. Part of kind of the requirements to do that is that we all have to be connected in a way that we weren’t connected before. We’ll all have to be on board about economic issues, about climate change issues. We all have to be supportive of sort of the same things. Like you mentioned, we lose our nationalistic identity and we just become global citizens.
This is what the world wants right now. They think that’s the only way we can survive. From a secular standpoint, it sort of makes sense in that we’ve seen in Europe right now when certain countries have defaulted economically, the ripple effects have been just unreal in their immediate community, in their global community there. It’s almost like when mountain climbers are climbing a mountain, if one climber falls, it tugs on the rope of all the other climbers. That’s what’s happening. What happens is other countries have to come in and bail out many times these countries who have defaulted economically.

There’s sort of a practical element involved in that. It’s like, hey, if we all have the same currency, all the same thing, then we’re there for each other. And, oh, isn’t that a Christian value to be there for each other and to take care of each other?
This whole great reset thing, but it’s not just economically, it’s moving from capitalism really to socialism is really one of the big pushes of the global reset because government becomes not just like, think about socialist countries right now, have the government rules everything, this would be a one world government that would rule all of the world. Of course that ties in exactly to what the Bible says is going to happen.

Now, keep in mind that Satan, because he’s read the Bible and he knows what he gets to do in the end times, he doesn’t know though when he gets to do that.

Todd: That’s right.

Jeff: In other words, he doesn’t have that God’s prophetic calendar hasn’t been revealed to him in terms of the timing. Many times I think Satan has tried to jumpstart the end times, by either putting forth a godless ruler, like an Adolf Hitler, or doing some of the things that are going on right now in the world that are in concert with what the Bible says is going to happen. Satan is kind of like, he throws that spaghetti on the wall too, and just sees what’ll stick at different times.

Todd: That’s right.

Jeff: But I think this is something that we do see the Bible says eventually is going to happen. Like you said, it requires a crisis. It requires a spirit of the age where people say, “Well, my goodness, we’re not going to survive unless we do this.” So this whole idea of globalists push of a global reset, great reset, is something that I think secular minds are seeing need to happen right now. In the coronavirus, all this happened with COVID-19 really is the perfect storm for them.

Todd: You unpacked it perfectly with taking God and the Bible out of the picture, to them it makes sense. There are literally, and especially the younger generations, and that’s one thing specifically that the world economic forum is targeting with this global reset is they’re having these events before that all over the world specifically meeting with young leaders, millennial and below, who kind of are bent towards that socialistic mindset. There’s literally a video they have out that says in 10 years you will own nothing, but you will be happy. It’s got this guy smiling all big. Everyone will have the same income. It really is socialism. In their mind, that’s a good thing. But just looking at the track record, everywhere socialism has gone, it’s been a complete disaster and evil men take over. Like you said, Satan doesn’t know the exact time of the rapture or the end time events, but he watches the signs and the conditions just like we do.

It’s interesting that right now we see with all this other stuff going on, we see that globalist mindset coming out out in the open and more and more people buying into it. The big question is, and this is kind of where I think it’ll hit our listeners who have heard about the great reset and maybe been a little fearful, because that it originally was set for right now in January when we’re recording this podcast but they pushed it to June I think waiting to see what was going to happen with elections and all that kind of stuff.

But anyway, a long story short, a lot of believers are like, “Oh, they’re going to force this on us 100%. There’s nothing we can do.” But the big question is second Thessalonians two with the restrainer, we’re still salt and light. The Holy Spirit and Dwelt Church is still here and scripture is very clear in second Thessalonians that until the restrainer is taken out of here, that tide of evil, that globalism will not fully take over. But it’s interesting that we’re seeing that tidal wave coming at us now, and we’re still here. That lets us know, I mean, things could be close to the Lord’s return, but also on a bigger, more practical, immediate way, don’t fear the great reset, because we’re still here. We’re still the church. We’re still restraining evil. We may have to withhold the tide a little bit and things might get crazy. Only time will tell, but that’s kind of where we are right now.

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Jeff: Part of the marketing campaign of the great reset, of really globalism, is that capitalism is greed. Free speech is dangerous. You don’t want free speech because that’s dangerous. We’ll tell you what you’re supposed to say.

Todd: You’re not smart enough to be able to come to your own conclusions.

Jeff: You need the bad big brother to tell you how to do that. But it really is very Orwellian in that when George Orwell wrote 1984 back in post World War II, he was drawing upon some of these communist regimes that he had known about specifically in Russia. But one of the things I have in this thing is what’s called doublespeak that Orwell talks about where they talk about freedom is slavery and that kind of thing. It’s like, wait a minute. I thought freedom was good. No, no freedom is now slavery.

You don’t want freedom. Definitely don’t want that. But it’s all a part of this deception. One of the principles of Bible prophecy that God has really revealed to all of us is that we can look forward in the Bible and see what’s going to happen and then see precursors to that as we talked about in the past, these sort of birth pangs. One of the things that he does talk about in second Thessalonians chapter two is about the antichrist and his incredible satanic ministry of deception.

In fact, it says in verse nine, it says the one, it’s talking about the antichrist who is coming in accord with the activity of Satan. Notice what it says, “With all powers and signs and false wonders.” The words that he uses there and also the signs and wonders, the Greek words he uses in Revelation are the exact words that he uses to describe the miracles of Jesus as well.

Whether or not these are parotid illusions or whether they’re actual supernatural miracles, regardless of that, people are convinced. He goes on to say, Todd, “And with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved, and for this reason God will send upon them a diluting influence so that they might believe what is false in order that they may all be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.”

Now it’s talking about the future. It’s talking about the tribulation period there. However, Satan, because this is one of his satanic methods, is in the process of grooming and preparing the world for that time right now. It’s almost like if you look at it, it’s like what’s going on right now is almost like the playoffs, but it’s not the championship game. But it’s leading up to something. It’s leading to a time. It’s a precursor. It’s a fore shock. I talk about that in my new book Aftershocks, which tells us what’s going to happen with Christians entering an age of global crisis. How are we to navigate some of these things that are happening now and what’s going to happen in the future because of that?
Well, guess what? That’s what we’re experiencing now, Todd. When we talk about globalism, we talk about the great reset, it’s one of these things that I believe Satan is in charge of. It’s really a false presentation of, like you said, a utopian type society where everybody’s going to get along and that kind of thing. But in reality, it’s doing everything that is opposed to what scripture says should be happening to individuals.

Todd: It’s wild, with our podcast and our books, how we didn’t even know when we were planning the topics or whatever, how God was going to have those perfectly timed. Your book, Aftershocks, which is basically talking about the aftershocks of everything in 2020, is coming out at the perfect time when all this other stuff’s hitting. That’s going to be a great resource for folks. I like it because kind of what you said, prophecy doesn’t happen in a vacuum. When we read about the events of the last days, whether in second Thessalonians or in Revelation, it’s not like that just happens suddenly. We can see it ramp up to it, just like with the first coming. It says he came in the fullness of time, when the Roman roads were there and the people were ready for it, same thing. The world mindset right now is ready for the rise of the antichrist. Actually I’ll plug another one of your books is the interview with the Antichrist unpacks that beautifully, how that happens, how it could play out.

Jeff: Well, and thank you for that. I mean, again, the resources that we write are for you, the listener, and for you to deepen your faith in Jesus and become stronger and more knowledgeable. But here’s a question, Todd, and you kind of brought this up, alluded to this, is that why is this happening sort of right now? Again, part of it is because Satan is trying to float out different ideas and he’s trying to, again, jumpstart the end times.

But here’s a very interesting point. In second Thessalonians, which you mentioned earlier, you talked about the restrainer is what prevents the antichrist from being revealed right now. Some people think they’ve identified the Antichrist. Guess what? You have not identified the Antichrist because you can’t know until the restrainers removed. You and I both believe that one of the theories of the interpretation is that this restrainer refers to the Holy Spirit in the church, and that when the church is removed from the world, then it’s like the flood gates are gone and now this tsunami of evil is going to flood the world.
Well we believe that refers to the rapture. When the rapture takes place, then all of this restraining influence of holding back evil, and think about this, Todd, how evil the world is right now, how Satan is making headway and making ground. But when the church is removed, all of that is going to be, gloves are coming off when that happens. We’re not there now, but we certainly are in a ramping up stage to that. Yes, we should be very concerned about globalism, very concerned about this great reset, because it does impact our lives in the way that we can live right now.

Todd: Interestingly, and this isn’t so much a pro-America thing as it is just a fact. I mean, Europe is already to go global. I mean, they love globalism. They’re very secular. America really is the last country that’s kind of holding the line on globalism in a powerful way and Judeo-Christian values. As we talked about in the last episode, that’s kind of going away at the same time that this rise of globalism and the great reset is happening. Just like you said, Satan knows when to make his moves. It’s like a giant chess game. But the interesting thing is that the masses by and large are ready to accept this, and how much more so when the rapture occurs, when there’s world chaos and any countries, I mean, look at our national debt right now. I’m saying a bunch of scary stuff, but I promise we’ll end hopeful. You look at our national debt right now, it’s not sustainable. Could you imagine if the rapture were to happen today, it would be immediate economic collapse, which is exactly what the globalists are already wanting so that they can do a great reset.
Then you have other things like cashless money systems already in place. I mean, it really is mind blowing when you look at how many things are lining up with the exact conditions that are needed for the end times. Sometimes we feel a little funny when we say that, but when we study scripture and look at what’s happening in real time, we see those two things lining up and converging like no other time in history.

Jeff: They really are. For Christians, for believers, we have to be discerning. We have to be insightful. Again, that doesn’t come from a podcast. That comes from being in the scripture because the things we’re sharing with you, the principles that we want you to dive into and to assimilate in your heart, come from the Bible. We want you to do your own study. We want you to get into the word. Don’t just simply accept what someone like myself or Todd says, or what we write about in a book. You do your own research, you check and see what the scripture says, because we want the Holy spirit to lead you specifically in this thing.
As this thing begins to continue to develop, Todd, Christians, we’re not just to sit there and just to roll over and play dead. Sometimes we’re going to have to fight. Sometimes we’re going to have to speak out. There is a time to speak out publicly against evil, against injustice, but there’s also a time to quietly work behind the scenes and that type of thing. But just to know that when the world talks about this better world that’s coming, we know that a better world actually is coming in the end times.

Jesus Christ is going to establish his millennial kingdom after the seven year period of tribulation where he’s going to rule with graciousness, rule the nations with a rod of iron, the Bible says, and he’s going to establish righteousness and peace upon the earth. There’s going to be, I talk about reset. He’s going to reset, but he’s going to set them right, is really what he’s going to do.

We don’t have to fear this globalism, but we should know about it. We should know how it is making inroads and being intrusive into our lives, and just to know that only thing keeping it from just going full on is the presence of believers in the world today.

Todd: That’s right.

Jeff: As I’ve told Christians before, you are making a difference simply by being here. Todd, this is another reason why we have to get back to church because online church does make a difference, but we have to come back to be strengthened together, to come together in the huddle to get the play. Then we scatter into the world. Again, we got to get out of our houses into the world to really impact people. That’s more than just asking the gal at the Home Depot are you having a good day? I mean, that becomes more than just being nice to the person at the drive-through.
We’ve got to be into people’s lives in such a way that we are impacting them relationally. That implies that we have to know people and get into their lives a little bit and become friends with them. Christians just can’t stand back and lob gospel grenades over their doorway into the world. We’ve got to make sure that we’re in people’s lives in such a way that really has a positive, spiritual influence for the sake of the gospel of Jesus.

Todd: That’s well put. I mean, within our own spirit and influence, we can kind of create our little godly kingdom to where they can see firsthand what the future kingdom will be like. As you were saying all that, I was just thinking about how Satan is a master counterfeiter. He tries to counterfeit everything that God does. In Revelation we read about a fake or a mimic to resurrection. We see kind of a counterfeit Trinity with Satan, the Antichrist and the false prophet kind of mimicking God, the father, son, and Holy Spirit.

Then of course, with globalism, the push we’re seeing now, and what eventually does happen in the book of Revelation is we’re seeing a counterfeit kingdom. We always say we’re going to end on a high note. The high note is, just like Jeff said, even though they’re pushing for a great reset, eventually Jesus is going to do a great set right, where he’s going to set everything right. We will as believers live in 1,000 year reign with Christ in it with a perfect government. There’s reasons for that. That falls after the tribulation period. But in that time period, we get to rule and reign with Christ. We get to serve him. We get to see what a perfect paradise really looks like.
Then it gets even better. After that he creates a new heaven and a new earth, and then we’re with him in eternity forever. For the believer, it just gets better and better and better. Let’s put our hope and our trust and our kind of set our minds on those things, rather than the scariness of the great reset. Let’s just be salt and light in any way that we can and push back against that any way we can in a biblical fashion and know that God is in control. He he’s got us right where he wants us.

Jeff: We were made for this time, Todd. Every person listening to this podcast was born for this moment and because God could’ve had you born any other time of the world.

Todd: That’s right.

Jeff: He chose right now, which means that you have an important strategic role in the kingdom and helping people know who God is.

Todd: Amen. Generations of believers have wanted to see the things we’re seeing. We kind of get a front row seat to Bible prophecy being fulfilled. That can only be hopeful because we know Jesus wins and we win with him.

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