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Season 3 Episodes

TRAILER: Prophecy Pros Podcast Season 3

We're back for a brand new season of the Prophecy Pros Podcast. Season 3 is packed full of biblical insight on topics ranging from masks and COVID-19 vaccines to globalism, politics, and the current state of the church. Learn more at  ...

S3E1: Masks, Lockdowns, Social Distancing, and the Gospel

What do masks, lockdowns, and social distancing have to do with scripture and our calling as Christians? How can we use this as an opportunity for the gospel? Notable mentions: Ozark Mountain Prophecy Summit A Quick Reference Guide to the End Times   Produced by...

S3E2: COVID Vaccines and the End Times?

Some say it's the Mark of the Beast. Others say it's only setting the stage, but what does scripture have to say about COVID vaccines? Here's what we know.   Notable mentions: Ozark Mountain Prophecy Summit Interview with the Antichrist by Jeff Kinley  ...

S3E3: Politics, Elections, and Bible Prophecy

We prayed. We voted. So what happened? Can we still have hope despite the results of an election?   Notable mentions: Ozark Mountain Prophecy Summit The End of America? by Jeff Kinley A Quick Reference Guide to the End Times by Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson  ...

S3E4: Jonathan Evans: Being on the Winning Team

From the importance of reaching younger generations to our own personal study of Bible prophecy, Jonathan Evans explains how we can live knowing that we're already on the winning team. Learn more about Jonathan Evans at Notable mentions:...

S3E5: Globalism and the Great Reset

Should we be concerned about the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset? How does it line up with Bible prophecy? Notable mentions: Ozark Mountain Prophecy Summit Aftershocks by Jeff Kinley Interview with the Antichrist by Jeff Kinley   Listen to the Prophecy Pros...

S3E6: Olivier Melnick: The Church and the Chosen People

Olivier Melnick returns to the Prophecy Pros Podcast to talk with us about how and why the church should be active in witnessing to the Jewish people. Learn more about Olivier at Notable mentions: End-Times Antisemitism by...

S3E7: Wait Jesus! Don’t Come Just Yet!

Expecting the Lord's return while trying to plan for the future can be difficult to navigate. This can be especially challenging for the next generation, but there is a way to pursue your plans with an eternal perspective.   Notable mentions: Ozark Mountain Prophecy...

S3E9: Spiritual Warfare and End-Time Deception

With so much confusion within the church, politics, and the news, it begs the question: Is there something else going on beyond the veil? Notable mentions: The Non-Prophet's Guide™ to Spiritual Warfare by Todd Hampson Spiritual Warfare in the End Times by Ron Rhodes...

S3E10: Billy Hallowell: Spiritual Warfare and the Demonic

Billy Hallowell returns to the podcast to chat about his modern investigation into the demonic. Learn more about Billy at Notable mentions: Playing with Fire by Billy Hallowell   Listen to the Prophecy Pros Podcast and...

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