Some say it’s the Mark of the Beast. Others say it’s only setting the stage, but what does scripture have to say about COVID vaccines? Here’s what we know.


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Jeff: Welcome to the Prophecy Pros Podcast season three. We are so excited to be with you guys again. I’m Jeff Kinley, along with my co-host and compadre here, Todd Hampson. And we’re excited today, we’re going to talk about COVID vaccines and the end times. All right, Todd, so there’s a lot of white noise out there right now about all these vaccines that are coming out and there’s dozens of vaccines really across the world, they’re coming out to supposedly inoculate people against the COVID vaccine. And there’s a lot of confusion, a lot of divisiveness on this issue, especially in the Christian community. So we want to begin by talking about that and just a quick little anecdote, we have just experienced a move in our ministry in our family, and we moved back to Little Rock, Arkansas. And so we’re settling in, getting to know our new neighbors. And so a couple came over to a great us to the neighborhood and found out we were Christians and we began to talk.

And one of the first things that came out of this wonderful woman’s mouth, she just said, “You know what? I believe the vaccine is the mark of the beast.” And it’s not the first time I’ve heard that. That’s not the first time someone’s emailed me or messaged me or what do you think and all this stuff, and so we want to address that today. Talk about these vaccines. Let’s talk about what they are a little bit. How they sort of impact us as Christians. And then talk about, does this relate truly to the mark of the beast and or the end times?

Todd: I would say the past… well, since the vaccine started being released and frontline workers are taking it and that sort of thing, I think Israel has a plan where every citizen is going to be vaccinated by April or somewhere around that timeframe. So it’s on everybody’s mind. The questions I’m getting the most lately are regarding this vaccine. Should we take it? Is it the mark of the beast? My daughter had a great conversation with her, a friend of hers was really fearful that it was indeed the mark of the beast.

This is where Bible prophecy and Bible study benefits you, I was able to tell her, well, no, I mean, it could be setting the stage for it. Yes, a lot of the technology lines up with what it could be, but that does not take place till the three and a half year mark in the tribulation period and we get raptured before all of that. So that’s not something we have to worry about and we’ll unpack that with scripture and stuff here in a minute. But the other question is the bigger question, now I’m getting from people is, should I take it because A, it required the use of aborted baby cells. And I get that. And also the way it was rushed and it that it uses the RNA vaccine techniques. So that’s something new. So there’s all these legitimate questions that people have.

And then to confuse matters more, just to be honest, within the prophecy community, the eschatology experts, you have differing opinions. Some saying, “There’s no way I’ll ever take this.” Others saying, “It’s safe. Hey, I have Christian doctors telling me it’s completely safe.” And there are one or two, at least I think that don’t involve the use of aborted babies. And I totally get that. We need to stand for life in every way. We don’t need to benefit from the loss of an aborted baby. God sees that as something he does not like. But anyway, so that’s the main question I’m getting right now in real time. And like with every other topic we’re going over, it’s almost like you don’t know where to turn. You don’t know what the right answer is. So we really need to study this and look at what scripture says about it.

Jeff: It’s kind of like, who can you trust on this whole vaccine issue? There are certain vaccines that have been known to have used aborted parts of babies involved in their testings and their trials. Others use monkeys and that type of thing. But the bottom line is you obviously don’t want to be a part of that. So it requires a little bit of research. But backing up just a little bit here, Todd, concerning technology, because the medical field here is using this vaccine thing, but you came across some other research about just how technology is rapidly advancing that does or could relate to the mark of the beast and has some sort of connection to how vaccines are administered. Talk about that for a moment.

Todd: We try to be Bereans, so to speak, and do our research and make sure we’re researching these things before we talk to you guys, because we want to give good information. And to be honest, we’ll be real when we don’t know. And we’ll be real when we do know, and here are some things I found. There’s a thing called a Quantum Dot tattoo, it is real. It’s a small set of needles that goes into the hand or the skin. And those needles stay embedded in the skin. And that’s where the vaccine is, and it dissolves into your skin and inoculates, but it also has, oddly enough, a chemical in it called luciferase that lights up, and I’m not sure I need to do a little more study, I don’t know if it lights up just in regular light, I think you have to have some kind of special scanner or something, but could you imagine there’s a thing out right now where you can get a vaccine where they can scan your forehead or your hand, and it literally lights up to let them know if you’ve had the vaccine.

Georgia Tech released an online YouTube video about this little teeny patch, it’s called a self administer patch, where people can give themselves vaccines using this Quantum Dot technique. And then there’s even another thing a lot of listeners have probably heard of the Internet of Things, where the times come in where every product… everything is going to be connected to a database and the internet theoretically, so that companies can know what products are selling, where it is in transit, all that kind of stuff. But literally everything’s going to be connected. And there’s thing I researched and vetted and it’s on like major technology websites, mainstream technology websites, there’s a thing coming called the Internet of Bodies. Where you’re either using wearable products or pills you swallow or vaccines that you can take that do have some kind of component that will communicate information to a database about your health or your heartbeat or whatever it is.

And then of course the RNA thing, from the research I’ve done, a lot of people are saying the vaccine will change your DNA. In Revelation, when they take the mark of the beast, it doesn’t say it’ll change your DNA, but we do know for sure it says that those people are non redeemable. There’s no way they can be saved after they take the mark. And later on down the line, all of those people have terrible sores all over their body. So it seems like something medical goes wrong or something connected with the mark, but it doesn’t say that explicitly.

So we need to be careful to point that out. But from what I’ve read, the RNA communicates outward from the cell. It doesn’t impact DNA. I’m not a medical expert at all. This is just from the research that I’ve seen. So from what it looks like, it can’t change your DNA, but it is new technology that has never been used before in vaccines. And then you have strange people like Bill Gates, pushing it like crazy, why are we listening to a computer expert about world vaccines, right? And that’s a rabbit hole you can go down. There’s a lot of research you can do that suggests he’s done some shady things. And of course he’s connected to globalism and all that.

But anyway, not to go too deep, especially if we have listeners that aren’t familiar with eschatology and prophecy and all that, but all that to say, we’ve done some research. We don’t know the answer. It’s probably going to come down to your personal choice. Frontline workers in medical areas are already kind of being forced to take it. There’s several countries, I think France and Russia announced this week that… or maybe it’s Spain and Russia, I can’t remember, that they’re going to require people who are flying there to have a passport of sorts. So there’s a lot going on and we’re trying to figure it out just like you guys are.

Jeff: I think that’s part of where the concern is, Todd, is that not only technologically for the first time in ever are people able to take this kind of vaccine in different ways, but also as you mentioned, travel restrictions. I mean, many people do international commerce. You can’t do all international commerce digitally. But even just traveling for leisure, many countries are going to require you to have the vaccine before you enter their country. People can’t go back to work. They’re not going to be able to go back to work, many of them, unless they have the vaccine. And that certainly lines up with scripture, you can’t buy or sell and you can’t work, you can’t buy or sell, right. But also I think one of the other things that’s making this kind of spike in people’s minds as Christians is that because it’s so global. And of course we know that’s a part of the mark of the beast that, it’s an essence being forced, quote, unquote upon people on the heels of great deception. I heard one prophecy expert, so to speak, on a Christian-

Todd: He just did air quotes.

Jeff: Yes. I did do air quotes here, there you go. [inaudible] to the sky. But just did this TV program where someone said, “Yeah, we’ve heard it’s possible that the antichrist could take Satan’s blood and mix it in the vaccine and disseminate that to the world. And that’s how you take the mark of the beast.” And I said to myself, how in the world are they going to find Satan’s blood? How does that even happen? Because he’s not a physical being, but anyway, spiritual being. But all that to say is there’s wild theories about the vaccine, but let’s talk about what scripture actually says. In revelation chapter 13, and of course the timing of this, Todd, as you set this up is that we’re three and a half years into the tribulation period.

So we are post rapture in our view of eschatology, the end times. We’re post rapture, we are three and a half years into it. At this point, there is a second member of the Unholy Trinity, Satan, the antichrist and the false prophet. And he’s the one that gives breath to the life of this image of the beast, that’s going to be shown to the whole world. And in chapter 13, revelation, verse 16 says, “And he causes all, the small and the great and the rich and the poor and the free man and the slaves.” That pretty much covers everybody on earth, right there. Okay. It says, “To be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead. And he provides that no one should be able to buy or to sell except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

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Here’s a couple of observations we can make. This is good Bible study methods right here, okay. Just to observe, number one is that this mark is going to be on one of two places, on the right hand or on the forehead. And John is very specific in the language that he chose there, it’s the word [foreign language] is the word on, it just literally means on the surface. There’s no opportunity here for this mark to be something that is necessarily in the body, but it’s on the hand, it’s an identifiable mark, more so than something that’s going to be in the bloodstream. So the second thing is that the word mark itself is a Greek word [foreign language], which was used in the first century to describe everything from the image on a coin that is stamped or an actual tattoo. And many times soldiers would have a tattoo of an emblem or something representing a commanding officer and just showing their allegiance to that commanding officer.

So the mark of the beast is something that, number one, comes halfway into the tribulation period. But secondly, it’s an actual mark that signifies a person. It’s not a medical thing at all. It’s something that signifies a person and it tells the world that you have a loyalty and allegiance. In fact, a worshipful allegiance to this person called antichrist. From that alone, we can confidently say that the vaccine is definitely not the mark of the beast. So there’s no fear involved in that. Now there may be some other concerns we can address, but in terms of it being the mark of the beast… and if the vaccine is the mark of the beast, the bad news is you’re halfway into the tribulation period right now.

And this is not good. We know that hasn’t happened because the things that the Bible says happened in the first part of the tribulation have not happened in the world. So again, scripture becomes our compass. It’s our true North. It guides us. And look how much clarity the scripture gives us on an issue like this. So whenever people say this, just know that they either have not done their research in scripture or they’re unaware of what scripture says or whatever or they’re just propagating false information. So definitely the vaccine is not the mark of the beast.

Todd: Yes. We can say that conclusively. So you can put that to rest for sure. And even after the mark is given in Revelation 13 and revelation 14, we have the 144,000, and apparently branding is a big thing in the tribulation because the 144,000 are sealed or branded. So what’s behind a brand even if you think of brand marks in graphic design, it represents the bigger picture. It represents the organization that that brand is from. So you’re right. When people take the mark, they’re going to know what they’re doing. It’s not just a medical thing. They are saying I’m aligning with the anti-Christ. [crosstalk]

Jeff: It’s not going to be a deceptive thing in the sense that, you take the vaccine and six months later, Oh, by the way, you just pledged alligation to Satan.

Todd: Exactly.

Jeff: It’s not that at all. Obviously there could be other medical concerns, other moral concerns that that people would have. And we both have talked about this is that you need to really do the research on what kind of vaccine that you take. I mean, you would do that if you were for a political candidate, you’d want to know what the issues were and that kind of thing, do the same thing. We’re not someone here’s going to tell you what to do or which vaccine to take, if you’re going to take one, but you do need to do the research and to figure that out for yourself.

So you can make a wise and informed decision. But I think part of this discussion, Todd, and again, this really alleviates kind of not just the fear, but the phobic type of fear that people have about, am I going to take the mark of the beast? So the scripture does give us clarity on that. But I think one of the good things that have come out of this is that Christians that have never really thought about Revelation, they really thought about the end times are beginning to connect dots, even if they’re not dots that should be connected. They’re beginning to think, “Wow, this sounds like end time stuff.” And this is one of the reasons why you and I write the books that we do. I mean, you talked about the Quick Reference Guide to the End Times that you can buy an Amazon.

But my book Interview with the Antichrist, really it’s a fiction novel, but it chronicles this whole thing and concludes with 30 questions about the antichrist at the end. Your books the Non-Prophet’s Guide to Revelation, Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times, these all address these things. And here’s the principle, kind of the overarching general principle here, is that when we bathe our minds and scripture, some of this discernment comes natural to us. We don’t have to go through this period of confusion, this period of concern, even a period of fear, we automatically know, no God’s already said this, so I know this is not true.

And so now all I need is the wisdom to know how to walk through some of these things. But I do think it’s very interesting that Christians are beginning to connect what’s happening now to the end times, to the book of Revelation. And that in a sense, I think, is by God’s design as well. Because he wants to wake the bride. He wants our spiritual eyes to be dilated to what’s happening around us. And then to really connect, if possible, the scripture to those type of things.

Todd: It’s so true. And like you said, that is exactly why we write the books we write, because it is more than you can unpack in a quick… I mean, thankfully we have this venue to be able to share and just kind of set some fears aside, but it is more important now than ever for people to study scripture. in the Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times, I talk about how to interpret Bible prophecy. And then in the Non-Prophet’s Guide to Revelation, it’s a chronological walk through the book of Revelation. So that forced me to do really in-depth study to where… you’re right, a lot of the stuff that you hear being floated out there immediately, you can just write it off, because I’ve already studied this in scripture and scripture is very clear. And as we mentioned in the last episode, now more than ever, because there are so many competing voices, so much deception, so much confusion, so much fear, now more than ever, we need to let scripture and scripture alone guide us because it’s more accurate than the news.

It’s more accurate than anything else. And Jeff, I was going to say one more thing, I love your… I think I shared with you last year, riding back from NRB, I listened to your Interview with Antichrist, on Audiobook to kill time. And I was just riveted that my six hour trip seemed like it went by in an hour. So if people are more like a narrative kind of thing, your book is phenomenal and it really does unpack scripture exactly like the Bible. I mean, you fill in some gaps and use some creative license, but like you said, at the end, there’s a whole series of questions and all the references. So if people like that kind of either audio books or just more narrative story-driven stuff that is a phenomenal resource.

Jeff: Well, I’m just glad I didn’t put you to sleep because you were driving.

Todd: Naah. Kept me awake.

Jeff: Well, here’s what we know for sure. This whole vaccine thing is not going away. It’s not going to just fade into the sunset. All of a sudden, we’re not going to have, administration is going to say, “You know what? We were thinking about vaccines, but what the heck. Everybody just go back to what you’re doing.” So it’s going to continue to confront us. So for Christians, I think number one is to do the research, do your homework on this thing, ask your doctor. And you may need to ask more than one doctor to get their take on these things, ask the kind of questions that impact you as a believer. And again, we talked about the aborted babies being used.

Maybe that’s something you check into different vaccines that are using, are they being used right now, that you do the research in there and make sure that you avoid that. And then finally just weigh your options. Because I mean, right now you and I both are scheduled to travel internationally in a couple of months. And we may be forced to make a decision on this thing, whether or not to take a vaccine. And I’m not saying that it’s evil to take a vaccine. It’s just that we just need to not blindly accept everything that’s being put in our lap, but to walk forward with wisdom and wisdom gives us confidence, Todd. As we do that kind of research, we can make that kind of impact in the world.

And so COVID vaccines, end times, yes, these are things that are heightening our awareness. That are causing us to wake up, to look around and that’s a good thing, but make sure as we do that, we are getting into resources, mostly the scripture, but also other resources like books and podcasts and things like that, that are going to further confirm what the Bible says so that we can walk forward with confidence.

Todd: Yeah. So true. And we mentioned this in the last episode, as well as, now more than ever, we need to deepen our walk with the Lord, I think, and I’m guilty of this, sometimes we’ve been so used to just having clear cut cookie cutter answers for everything that we haven’t had to really douse it in prayer. This is one of those issues where, think about it, different people have different choices to make. You have some believers who are frontline medical workers or coaches everywhere in our area are being… they have to take it, if they’re going to be… so different people have different approaches and everything that you just mentioned too, about research and the individual vaccines and how it was created and all that.

So all that to say, now more than ever, I think as individual believers, we need to pray and trust that God is going to show it. The Holy Spirit will guide us into righteousness to know what to do and his situation. And this like many other issues right now, there is no cookie cutter answer. So it’s a matter of preference and prayer and relying on the Holy Spirit and trusting that God’s going to guide each individual believer.

Jeff: Amen. And we avoid the extreme when saying all vaccines are the boogeyman, on the other side to say, “Hey, just put a needle into me, put whatever you want to in my body.” So there’s wisdom. And that’s the great thing, is that Christians sometimes want to be told what to do or we want to just say, “Just tell me what I should do.” We’re not going to do that. We’re going to give you principles so that you can make informed wise decisions. You know why? Because we trust the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you.

Todd: Amen.

Jeff: And we want you to be able to walk that path on your own using the information that God gives us in his word and also the wisdom that we use in walking culture. So, hope there has been encouragement for you and really helps not just to inform you, but to help inspire you to continue to live for Jesus Christ in a world that is marked by great confusion.

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